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Purmist Products

Purmist is currently available at Mark's Work Wearhouse nationwide in a 7.1ml pocket-sized Personal Mister. In the Fall of 2009, the Purmist line will expand to include three new products: a 125ml Mister Bottle; a Tabletop Mister; and a Touchless Wall Mount Mister.

Purmist is not tested on animals. All paper and plastic used to produce and ship Purmist products is 100% recyclable and is re-used in other product manufacturing to save energy and reduce clear-cutting.

Pick Up Purmist

The 7.1 Personal Mister

The 7.1 Personal Mister

Available in lemon, lavender, orange or unscented, the Personal Mister can be easily carried in a pocket or purse for quick and easy application. The Personal Mister is also convenient for travel or use at work or in lunchboxes to help protect both children and adults against harmful germs and bacteria.

The 126ml Mister Bottle

The 100ml Mister Bottle

Back Ordered. Ideal for carrying in a purse or knapsack as well as leaving by the sink in the bathroom, kitchen, or locker room, the Mister Bottle comes in lemon, lavender, orange or unscented versions.

Tabletop Mister

1ml Sachet Pouch

Available for order June 2010! This new product Purmist "On The Go" is easy to use, recyclable packaging and one time use. This sachet can be used for children at lunch in school, sporting events, emergency situations where Purmist is not available. Simply tear open the sachet, pouch Purmist into the hands, rub until dry and recycle the packaging. Easy for children to use, smart for parents to have on hand. Purmist "On The Go" for
any situation.

Wall Mount Mister

Wall Mount Mister

The AMK Wall Mount Mister is a kit including a touchless wall unit, 400ml refill bag and batteries. The Wall Mount Mister also features a 1-year full replacement warranty.